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Executive Coaching

As an Executive Coach, I specialize in working with Executives who are at an inflection point and would benefit from an independent, and experienced thinking partner focused on problem solving and creative solutions.

But, in order to leverage these conversations and inspire long-term growth and sustainability, you need to be focused and strategic in your planning.  You also have to streamline operations and create more efficient processes to support that growth. That’s where an outside, confidential perspective can help.

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Addressing the Known / Defining the Unknown

Intentional Change, Action & Implementation

I have spent the last 35 years in many organizations with extremely talented and insightful individuals and teams who met and conquered incredible challenges. I have also worked in organizations lacking motivation, innovation, and a desire for meaningful change. The difference makers seek inspiration, challenge conventional thinking, and discover opportunities through intentional and thoughtful listening. 

I can partner with you to think through and uncover what is possible ultimately connecting action and inspiration. Identifying problems or issues are only the beginning. Short term fixes may be required while longer term solutions to address sustainable growth require thought, leadership and an actionable plan. Real change is often derived from disruptive thinking and challenging the current state. 


Through our time together, we will inspire and leverage new opportunities, address real change, develop new processes, manage resources, create new strategies, and find sustainable solutions. 



Additionally, as an Executive or Department Manager, your work can be intense and demanding. As someone who once dedicated most of my waking hours focused on the business, I understand what it costs in terms of balance and also the impact it has on your time and relationships. Often that dedication comes with unintended consequences. Because of that reality, I also specialize in working with individuals confronting a serious lack of quality time and balance needed for your business to thrive. Its important to embrace creating and understanding balance in order to do your most inspired work with others, yourself and the organization. 

Whom I can best support: 
• Executives and Department Managers responsible for their growing business and who’d benefit from having a strategic partner to help solve problems, develop innovative ideas, and gain more control over the demands on your time.

• Executives and responsible parties who are facing an unfamiliar challenge and need a thinking partner to help resolve and implement a plan for the short and long term. 

• If your commitment to work is causing challenges in your personal relationships, I can assist you to create more balance, and reduce the stress you’re under, in order to feel more satisfied and productive at work and at home.

• Executives who need a fresh review of their organizational design, new talents and/or skills to implement greater efficiency and accountability within the strategic mission and vision. 

• Individuals who would like to expand their skills and toolsets in the development of teams and individuals resulting in a more actively engaged culture. Today's new hires expect more training and engagement from their leaders than in the past. Together we can define and implement an actionable plan for your managing team to mee these expectations. 

Executive Coaching

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