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Business Consulting

As a Business Consultant and Coach, I specialize in working with business owners who are at an inflection point … that moment where dramatic change and growth can occur!

But, in order to leverage that opportunity and enjoy long-term growth and sustainability, you need to be focused and strategic in your planning.  You also have to streamline operations and create more efficient processes to support that growth. That’s where an outside perspective can help.


Addressing Key Concerns Now

Making Changes, Strategizing, Implementing

I have spent the last 35 years operating in organizations of all sizes and business models in different states of performance. I help businesses find and leverage new opportunities, address change, develop new processes, manage resources, create new strategies, and find solutions. 


But first and foremost, addressing the most pressing challenges or questions is a critical first step. Assisting you through those immediate concerns is time well spent in bringing balance immediately into frame. Next steps focus on additional actions needed to immediately impact the business with minor adjustments and leveraging what is currently available to manage disruption and/or expense. The third phase focuses more strategically around the needs of the business over the medium and longer term.




As a Business Consultant, I also collaborate with owners and managers needing a confidential thinking partner and independent voice. Similar to my work with Executives, I help business owners to discover opportunities in strategy and develop new perspectives. We also look at how they are using their expertise, how they are spending their time and if some parts of the business are motivating or a drag on their time and efforts. Understanding those ends of the spectrum will shape a plan of action and options to address needed change.

Additionally, as a business owner, your work can be intense and demanding. As someone who once dedicated most of my waking hours focused on the business, I understand what it costs you in terms of balance and also the impact it has on your time and relationships. Often that dedication comes with unintended consequences. Because of that reality, I also specialize in working with individuals confronting a serious lack of quality time and balance needed for your business to thrive. 

Whom I can best support: 
• Business owners and Managers responsible for their growing business who’d benefit from having a strategic partner to help solve problems, develop innovative ideas, and get more control over the demands on your time.

• Business owners and responsible parties who are facing an unfamiliar challenge and need a thinking partner to help resolve and implement a plan immediately.

• If your commitment to work is causing challenges in your personal relationships, I can assist you to create more balance, and reduce the stress you’re under, so you feel more satisfied at work and at home.

• Businesses who need a fresh review of their current state, where they can grow and address evolving customer expectations or needs. 

Business Consulting & Coaching

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