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In 2018, I semi-retired as the Global VP and GM for Otter Products' Commercial Division. My focus for the last 30+ years has been in the commercial and retail fields providing technology products and solutions. I have performed in many roles with more than half of this time focused on Strategic, Operational and Organizational management leading high-performance teams and individuals. Throughout these years I discovered a true passion for helping organizations and individuals reach their potential and resolve issues holding them back from reaching their goals.


Additional personal note; Over time, I realized I was desperately in search of balancing my professional life and home life. The solution resulted in the creation of Innovative Consulting and Coaching which ultimately brought focus and intention to living my values. These factors brought balance to my career and honored the importance of being present and fully engaged with my family and home life. I would be honored to assist you in doing the same.

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My Story

Innovative Consulting and Coaching was conceived in 2019 with this critical mission in mind: Listen to the client's unique needs, resolve urgent issues and implement strategies to take the organization to the next level. 


Ideation, strategy, Input, Activation, and Relator are in my top 5 of 34 Clifton Strengths. My approach to addressing issues and creating change is to listen, learn, reverse-engineer, strategize and activate. The work doesn't end there, however. Communication, implementation, and measurement to stress test the transformation are critical to sustainable and effective change.


From working for my father as a teenager to supporting new, growing businesses up to corporations in the Fortune 100, I have relied on my strengths and partnership with others. Learning from, listening to others, and testing conventional thinking continues to influence my approach and who I am today. I also appreciate the reminders of past mistakes and learning from each one. Failure is only failure if it doesn't inspire growth and new insight.

After 30 years of the corporate world, traveling every week and engaging in meetings from morning to night, I knew a change was imminent. I needed more balance, more time for what I loved to do professionally and personally, and most importantly more time for life with my family. Making a change from a great organization with amazing benefits and pay to working independently as a new start-up was scary. Frankly, it took me a while to transform and allow my new way of earning income to lead me in a new direction. Thankfully, I was able to rely on my strengths, my network, and being open to connecting with new thinking partners outside my window of expertise. It changed my life. 

I look forward to opportunities where I can help you think through a challenge or a new way of approaching an opportunity. As we think through ideas, many new options will begin to emerge. Leveraging my experience in B2B, Retail, or E-Commerce platforms, sales channels or different business models provides for engaging conversation. My commitment to every client is to bring a wide breadth of experience, my professional network, and a solution/action-oriented vision to each opportunity regardless of size. 


My hope is you will take advantage of the resources and networks available to you to achieve your goals. I am happy to assist you in that approach regardless of if we end up partnering together. Helping you move forward in some capacity or another is what truly inspires the mission of Innovative Consulting and Coaching. 


Please reach out to me when you are ready to discuss what new chapters you have been thinking about and working towards on your path forward. 


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