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Divorce Coaching

As an executive, your work is intense and demanding. The stress can be enormous. At times that dedication to work and other professionals who rely on you to perform often comes with unintended consequences. Because of that reality, I also specialize in working with executives who are confronting the possibility of divorce or are in the midst of a divorce. And the bottom line is you still have to show up at work and do all that’s demanded of you there.

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Difficult Decisions, New Realities

Future Focused

Because of the need I saw and experienced, I became a Certified Divorce Coach® and CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®. I can assist you with the process, fill in any knowledge gaps, and provide you with the resources you need.


Through our time together, we will discuss how to manage the demands on your time and resources personally and professionally. This is an important time to discover what you truly need and want to ensure a solid plan is in place for your post-divorce life. 

As someone who dedicated 60+ hours per week to work and traveled 75% of the time, I understand the costs in terms of personal balance and the impact it has on your relationships. 

I specialize in working with busy professionals who need a more effective way to resolve the complex decisions they’re faced with when divorce becomes a reality. I help them manage what to expect, how to productively address conflict, get clarity around what’s important, and provide them with a thinking partner who can explore options focused on resolution. There are a few critical times in life where you need a trusted partner to ensure you are clear on what your post-divorce goals look like and how to meet the needs of your separating partner's wishes and realities.

Finding the right divorce coach to assist you will have an immense impact on meeting your personal needs and balancing the expectations and pressures of your professional life. These decisions should be handled with great care and consideration to efficiently move forward in the most productive manner possible. 











Whom I can best support: 
• Busy professionals in demanding roles with challenging schedules and responsibilities.

• Executives who need a partner to address the challenges of divorce in the most efficient and effective options available.

• I can assist you in creating more balance and reduce the stress you’re under in order to feel more satisfied and productive at work and at home.

• Professionals with families that need a consistent Co-Parenting plan that allows them the quality time they desire with their children in addition to meeting the demands of their work schedules.

For additional Divorce and Co-Parenting related resources and services please explore Your Divorce Advocate at the link provided or through the Your Divorce Advocate logo below. 

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