Consulting & Coaching

ICC is dedicated to working with inspired individuals who are transitioning, considering, or have made a career shift to pursue the dream of building their own business or practice. We understand you love what you do and want to focus on that full time. We also understand starting your own business is exciting and a little scary when other parts of the business have been managed by others. We will help by going at your pace and by leveraging the right resources to focus on your unique vision and goals.


Gaining Focus and Progression For Your Vision

Tools and Insights to Transition, Grow and Manage your new Business

Innovative Consulting and Coaching is dedicated to helping you get started pursuing your business ideas through a series of steps, support and encouragement. We understand the excitement and motivation to build your dream in a sustainable way that meets your short and long terms goals. We also know having the purpose and passion for the business is a great place to start but you also need access to resources to ensure your vision meets the lifestyle and income requirements to commit 100% to fulfilling your dream.
You have the excitement, the ideas, and can see the future. Getting clarity about where to start and how to run the business with an actionable mission and vision can be overwhelming. This isn't always the fun part but we can help break it down to create momentum at a pace that is right for you.

You may also find yourself in a career or organization you would like to transition away from and move toward a life that offers security, income and a work-life balance that meets your needs. The inspiration, the dream and vision are clear. How to move in that direction takes time, effort and a clear path. It also requires a plan to ensure you are working on the right things at the right time to manage objectives that bring your dream and vision to reality. ICC can assist you in this journey through Business Coaching, Business Plan Development and a host of other services and tools that can keep you on track now and well into your future. We'll work together to highlight the challenges, the steps to resolve those concerns while building momentum to keep the pursuit of your dream rewarding and fulfilling. 

Our Specialty

Couple in Mediation

Attorney Transitions

Through our work we have come to understand an important shift is occurring for many attorneys  in how they view their practice. This is a critical inflection point on many levels. You are not alone in considering your next phase and transition plan. There is an emerging trend for attorneys to add Mediation to their practice or shift full-time to Mediation and/or Collaborative Divorce work. Once this decision is made we can assist by working through your goals and building a Business Plan that provides direction in how you plan to complete this transition and build a thriving practice. 

Lawyer in Lobby

Freedom & Flexibility

Whether you are an Attorney, Mediator, Entrepreneur, Business Professional or not we are happy to help you transition toward a new path forward. We are excited for you and also understand there is a lot to consider beyond the vision. Having a solid plan will provide you the confidence to move forward and develop the freedom, flexibility and security you desire for the long term. 
When you are ready please contact us for a free 30 min consultation. We look forward to hearing what your new direction looks like and how we can support you in your journey. 

Business Plan

A dream written down without a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.

~ Greg Reid