In 2018, I semi-retired as the Global VP and GM for Otter Products' Commercial Division. My focus the last 25+ years has been in the commercial and retail fields providing technology products and solutions. I have performed in many roles with more than half of this time focused on Strategic, Operational and Organizational management leading high performance teams and individuals. Throughout these years I discovered a true passion for helping others reach their potential and resolve issues holding them back from reaching their goals.


As I final note, I was desperately in search of balancing my professional life and home life. The solution resulted in the creation of Innovative Consulting and Coaching which ultimately brought focus to living my values. These factors brought balance to a career and honoring the importance of being present and fully engaged with my family and home life. I would be honored to assist you in doing the same.

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My Story

Innovative Consulting and Coaching was conceived in 2019 with one critical mission in mind: Empower our clients with the latest, cutting edge information to help them grow and progress in alignment with how they work best. Through a comprehensive assessment framework driven uniquely by the client, we help individuals and organizations recognize their strengths, skills, values and career interests through one-on-one sessions and data driven reporting. Through this new insight we encourage and guide each client to increase alignment and meaning within their career objectives.


The ICC team can help individuals embrace their own greatness and work more widely with their internal and external teams to achieve their collective goals. We believe within each individual there are unique, valuable skills and strengths that are often sub-optimized challenging employee engagement, organizational efficiency, job satisfaction and growth within each department or organization.


Please reach out to me when you are ready to discuss what new chapters you have been thinking about and working towards on your journey forward.